Master (MA) in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


Fall Term | Classes Start: September 23, 2019

The MA TESOL is designed to provide professional development opportunities for speakers of English who wish to pursue or further their careers as TESOL professionals.

It will equip participants with the knowledge and professional skills relevant to teaching and supporting the learning of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Participants will acquire independent learning and transferable skills required for continuing professional development in ever-changing current and future educational contexts.

Digital technologies are becoming increasingly prevalent in TESOL, and this is reflected in our strong focus on the use of educational technology and digital resources, both in the way the program is delivered and in its content. Students have the option to obtain the Trinity College London CertTESOL.?

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Student Profile

The program is appropriate for graduates and practitioners from all disciplines and caters for the needs of two groups in particulars:

Recent university or college graduates from all backgrounds – or working professionals in other fields – who want to start a career in English language teaching;

Working language teaching professionals with some experience and qualifications who want to acquire advanced knowledge of English language teaching theory and practice, extend their skills, and obtain an advanced qualification to further their careers.

Flexible Study & Course Duration

The MA TESOL is taught using a blended approach: a mixture of face-to-face classes and online study. Each 3-credit course has 18 hours face-to-face and 18 hours online, plus 3 hours assessment.

Face-to-face classes run on every second Saturday from 10:00-13:00 and/or 14:00-17:00. For each course, there will be 6 weeks where on-campus attendance is required during the 3 terms. Classes take place in the American College of Greece downtown campus, in 6-8 Xenias Street GR-115 28 Athens, Greece.

Online activity will be ongoing throughout the courses and will involve collaboration with other participants, as well as individual work, all under the supervision of an instructor.

The program may be completed in one calendar year (full-time) or up to three years (part-time). New students are admitted at the start of the fall, winter and spring terms.

Program Objectives

  • Develop students’ knowledge and understanding of and critical engagement with fundamental theories, concepts and current practice in TESOL;
  • Enable students to acquire a systematic understanding of and critical insights into English as a linguistic system;
  • Provide students with professional expertise in TESOL and enhance their understanding and broaden their theoretical knowledge of classroom language teaching and how languages are learned;
  • Describe and demonstrate how linguistic theory can be applied to practical areas of TESOL such as syllabus and materials design and language testing;
  • Give students an advanced understanding of the range of applications and use of educational technology in TESOL and language learning;
  • Equip students to undertake an independent research project in a specific area of TESOL and produce an academic report;
  • Instill critical perspectives and enable students to engage in professional and academic debates in the areas of TESOL, language learning, and educational technology;
  • Encourage students to become independent and reflective learners able to continue their professional development beyond completion of the program.

Program Level Competencies

Upon successful completion of the program, participants should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the teaching and associated skills required to perform as a TESOL professional;
  2. Explain the key concepts and theories underpinning TESOL and current professional issues in the field;
  3. Describe English as a linguistic system and relate it to language skills development and approaches to teaching and learning;
  4. Identify and appraise how educational technologies and digital media can be utilized in TESOL;
  5. Design and implement research initiatives in TESOL using appropriate methods and methodologies.

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Program Overview

Students must successfully complete 12 graduate-level courses, representing a total of 36 US credits. Students choose either the?? Practicum Track or Thesis Track at registration. The Practicum Track includes Deree’s validated Trinity College London CertTESOL initial teacher training course, which is an internationally-recognized qualification.

Core Courses (30 credits):

  • Teaching Methodology & Pedagogy
  • Language Awareness
  • Language Learning & Acquisition
  • Educational Technology in TESOL
  • Teaching Language Skills
  • Curriculum & Syllabus Design
  • Critical Perspectives in TESOL
  • Young Learners & Teens
  • Management in TESOL
  • Learning Disabilities Assessment & Remediation

Professional Pathway (leads to Trinity College London CertTESOL, 6 credits)

TESOL Practice
Capstone Project in TESOL


Research Pathway (6 credits)

  • Research Methods in TESOL
  • Thesis in TESOL


Career & Placement Opportunities

Deree graduate students receive support from the Office of Career Services, which help them connect with the 50,000 ACG alumni around the globe, expand their professional network, and gain access to various job positions.?Our graduate students and alumni may also benefit from the Alba Graduate Business School Services, including career coaching, participation in career events and workshops, participation in the Alba annual career forum, one-to-one career advice sessions, and a direct mail list for job posts and career advice.

Career Services

Deree graduate students also benefit both from the Alba Graduate Business School career workshops and events, as well as from the Deree Office of Career Services, which has placed thousands of Deree graduates since 1976.

Entry Requirements*

In order to be considered for entry to the program applicants should be able to demonstrate:

  • Competence to undertake graduate work: a college or university degree;
  • Evidence of proficiency in the English language: TOEFL, IELTS, Proficiency, or GCE;
  • Motivation and or relevant experience to specialize in this area: Evidence of strong motivation to work in the field of teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) will be sought in the interview and the personal statement submitted with the application form.

*Program is not eligible for TITLE IV funds

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